A new Living Lab

Health Care Innovation Lab Orbital 40 is a project fostered by diverse stakeholders under the legal umbrella of Orbital 40 Science and Technology Park Terrassa and whose management has been delegated to Leitat Technological Center.

A regional initiative

Our LL was constituted as a result of the evolution of the innovation platform called Innointegra, coordinated by the Terrassa City Government (Ajuntament de Terrassa), who has decided to give priority to the health projects of its organizations and centralized them in the new Health Care Innovation Lab Orbital 40, managed by LEITAT who´s Health Commissioner is Manel Balcells, M.D, PhD, who serves as Executive Director.

Focused on Innovation

Our Living Lab is formed by three big university hospitals, three universities with international campuses of excellence, diverse business organizations and business clusters and a group of companies that work with medical devices. All these are developing Innovation and Development projects that are oriented towards the market and focused on three principle areas: Healthy Ageing, Healthy Lifestyles, and Healthcare Management.


In line with the will of its members, the LL is managed by Manel Balcells i Díaz, M.D. PhD., Health Commissioner at LEITAT Technological Center and Director of the Healtch Care Innovation Lab Orbital 40.

Decisions in regards to participants, projects and interest areas are taken under the plenary of the LL, constituted by the principal stakeholders and the operational management and coordination of various projects carried out by LEITAT through all its European project management, under the direction of the Commissioner.

LEITAT is a Technological Center, member of the TECNIO (Catalan Trade and Investment Agency) and recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of the Spanish Government, that aims to collaborate with companies and institutions by adding technological value, both to products and processes, and focuses its activity on research, development and industrial innovation (R+D+2i). As a Technological Partner, the Centre is clearly committed to adapting and transforming the technological challenges into economic and social value. Since its foundation in 1906, LEITAT has prioritized its vocation of proximity by strengthening the principles of professionalism and respect to people and environment at the same time, LEITAT promotes the implementation of industrial innovation strengthening modernization of the productive structures and the development of new high technology value products in many different sectors. LEITAT provides flexible management in an “Open Innovation” as collaborative and cooperation driving force for technology transfer.

Manel Balcells i Díaz

Doctor in Medicine and Surgery from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Specialist in Orthopaedics, Traumatology and Sports Medicine. Degree in Healthcare Management from EADA and Higher Business Management Program (PADE-IESE). He is currently Acting General Manager at Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa, as well as, Director of R+D+i Group CST – Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa, Health Commissioner at LEITAT Technological Centre. He is also Vice-President at Consorci Salut i Social de Catalunya. He has been Medical Director at Hospital General de Granollers and Director of Strategy and Coordination of the Catalan Health Department. He has been Minister of Universities, Research and Information Society and Executive President at BioCat. He is member of the Advisory Council to the President of the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya) and is member of various scientific societies and academies.

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Of course this poject has been thanks to all our members. Please do not doubt to contact us for membership information.