Bi-annual meeting of the TEC-SALUT Board

In News by Max

Today, the bi-annual meeting of the TEC-SALUT Government Board took place in Leitat’s facilities in Barcelona. Pep Orellana, representative of ACCIÓ participated in the meeting. The Board thoroughly reviewed the state of the projects and defined the future strategy, as they will finish within a year approximately. The Board is very satisfied with the pace of implementation of the projects as the expected goals are being achieved. Congratulations to all for the effort!

Below a list of the ongoing projects with a brief summary of the recent activities.

DIALCAT: The devices developed, that are smart pharmaceutical dispensers, have already been distributed to the different clinical partners. Thus, they can now begin with the clinical trial that is already enrolled in the Clinical platform.

NANONAFRES: The pre-clinical trials previously validated by the AEMPS evaluation agency are already finalized and ready to begin the trial. Together with the clinical partners, the clinical criteria are being finalized in order to begin the clinical trial in patients.

3D Biopsy: The project is ready for the final validation at the hospital level of the prone table that contains the highly sensitive device for performing the biopsy.

ACADOM: The first prototype of the smart platform is already here! It aims to help children to do the exercises of rehabilitation from home.