EIT Health promotes entrepreneurship and innovates in healthy living and active ageing, providing Europe with new opportunities and resources. It enables citizens to lead healthier and more productive lives by delivering products, services and concepts that improve quality of life and contribute to the sustainability of healthcare across Europe.

A European initiative
for your health

EIT Health is one of the largest healthcare initiatives worldwide. Its goal is to sustainably advance the foundations of healthcare and thus promote the future conditions for healthier living and wellbeing of people across Europe. EIT Health is leveraging the expertise of more than 130 leading organisations spanning key areas of healthcare such as Pharma, MedTech, Payers, Research Institutions and Universities. Chosen by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) to form EIT Health, the consortium offers best-in-class research capabilities, higher education and business expertise. With a budget of 2 billion EUR over the next decade, it will purposefully invest in Europe’s best entrepreneurial talents and creative minds to foster the development and commercialisation of smart product and service solutions in the health sector, addressing the challenges imposed by demographic change and ageing societies.

A powerful alliance for healthy living and active ageing

Demographic change is one of the main challenges European societies are facing today with increasing pressure on health and social care costs. EIT Health brings together leading healthcare companies across multiple industry sectors, public and private research centres, and top universities, with a clear mission:

EIT Health aims to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation in healthy living and active ageing, providing Europe´s top talents with new opportunities and resources for the benefit of all citizens.

The essential goals of EIT Health are to offer answers to future challenges of healthcare, thus strengthening the European healthcare industry while supporting people in maintaining and managing their health.

Tangible results for new business opportunities and growth

EIT Health is guided by the understanding that the societal challenges do not only present a risk but also provide a multitude of new opportunities if knowledge and networks are fully leveraged across all health-related sectors and new ideas are rapidly turned into solutions. Considering innovation as the basis for growth, competitiveness and social well-being, EIT Health aims to create around 340 new business ideas until 2018. These will not only generate new market opportunities for an average of 70 start-ups per year but also provide answers to central requirements of healthcare today and tomorrow.

Moreover – and as an important part of our sustainability efforts – EIT Health branded education programmes (EIT Health Campus) will offer a range of new and extended business and application-oriented courses that are expected to enrol almost 1 million students per year.

Living Labs & Test Beds

The activity is focus on ideation and validation through the consortium’s network of living labs and test-bed. The Activity will shorten the time for start-ups and SMEs to launch products and services within EIT Health’s scope. These Living Lab (LL) and Test-Bed (TB) facilities provide an environment with actual end users in which both user ideation and validation (Living Labs) or just validation (Test Beds) of new products and services can be performed.

This programme provides the benefits of living labs and test beds to entrepreneurs, so they can develop market-ready products with high added value and a high probability of success. Living labs and test beds are open innovation ecosystems where stakeholders, including healthcare professionals and patients, cooperate on solutions to healthcare challenges. Living labs support the innovation process throughout the different phases of the value chain, including ideation, co-creation, validation and scale-up.

More info about the Open calls for start-ups that wants to apply to the programme. (Cut-off 31/08)

Key Outputs:

  • Increased use of LL & TBs cross-CLCs
  • Increased cross-CLC cooperation between LLs & TBs
  • Set of quality criteria for LL and TB developed and in use for EIT Health facilities
  • 100 LL/TB committed and mapped on the interactive graphical interface
  • EIT Health operating procedures and governance models for LL / TB network are in place
  • At least 2 showcase projects have been initiated per CLC (ideally connected to the EIT Health innovation projects)

More information: www.eithealth.eu

INFINITY – Intelligent system to empower functional independence of people with mild cognitive impairments

INFINITy will enable people with Mild Cognitive Impairments (MCI) to preserve their functional abilities by empowering and extending their autonomy in indoor and outdoor surroundings. INFINITy will integrate a set of mature technologies, which will be developed into a commercial product adapted to the silver market, to facilitate the identification of daily living activities and to provide support safeguarding their independence and quality of life (QoL) while performing their routines.

The main idea is to address the challenge of turning existing research efforts to reality for elderly people with MCI across Europe. INFINITy is based on the integration of mature technological ICT solutions: the Daily Function Assistant service that has been piloted widely in the IN LIFE project, the Point of Interest Mapping system tested in City4Age, and the Near-by-System communication module of TAG CLOUD, all above TRL level 5 and are expected through the project to reach TRL level 7 and 8.

In general, INFINITy strives to cover the elderly with cognitive impairments needs since it encompasses mature project prototypes that are ready to meet the real world challenge. The primary and most significant impact of the project is going to be the QoL of the elderly citizens with cognitive impairment and their carers and will be of societal nature.

More information: www.infinityeit.eu