LEITAT is the platform coordinator of the Healthcare LivingLab Catalonia.

Is a Technological Center, member of TECNIO and recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, that aims to collaborate with companies and institutions by adding technological value both to products and processes, and focuses its activity on research, development and industrial innovation (R+D+2i). As Technological Partner, the Centre is clearly committed to adaptation to transform the technological challenges into economic and social value. Since its foundation in 1906, LEITAT has prioritized its vocation of proximity by strengthening the principles of professionalism and respect to people and environment at the same time. We have a total of 214 employees we are currently managing over 80 European Innovation Projects.

The CSPT is a public Healthcare organization (Consortium) formed by a General Hospital, with a total of 753 beds, a Social Healthcare Centre, Mental Health Centre, Primary Care Centres, Nursing Home, UDIAT Diagnostic Imaging Centre, and Sabadell Centre for the Elderly, reference hospital for population of 395.165 and has 3.520 professionals and It counts with a Research Foundation (Fundació Parc Taulí)

The Hospital Mútua de Terrassa is a healthcare organization and private foundation formed by a General Hospital with 433 beds, 9 Primary Healthcare Centres, serving a total of 248.173 inhabitants, and it has a total of 3.000 professionals. It counts with a Research Foundation (Fundació Mútua de Terrassa)

The Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa is a public healthcare organization formed by a General Hospital, 1 Social-Healthcare Hospital, and 8 Primary Care Centres, 1 Penitentiary Hospital , a High Performance Sports Centre – CAR, and a Nursing and Occupational Therapy School. The Terrassa Hospital counts with a total of 457 beds and a reference hospital for 200.710 inhabitants and it count with a total of 2.365 professionals. It counts with a Research Foundation
(Joan Costa Roma).