Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya) will invest 29 million Euros to promote major business research and innovation projects

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The Minister of Business and Knowledge of the Catalan Government, the Honourable Jordi Baiget i Cantons, emphasized that “this is the greatest effort ever made in innovation in Catalonia”

• Is the second CALL of the RIS3CAT Communities, promoted by ACCIÓ that has been presented today by the Minister of Business and Knowledge, Jordi Baiget, and the General Director of Industry Núria Betriu.
• They are regional projects that will mobilize more than 65 million Euros, qualified by Baiget as “the greatest innovation effort ever made in Catalonia”.
• The first 5 RIS3CAT Communities created this year have kicked-off today with their projects.

The Catalan Government has destined this year 29 million Euros to promote major business projects in research and innovation. It will be carried out through the second Call of the RIS3CAT Communities, promoted by ACCIÓ, that have as an objective, the transformation of the Catalan economy through the development of new products and services. The announcement was made this past Monday by the Minister of Business and Knowledge, Jordi Baiget, and the General Director of Industry, Núria Betriu, in an event that brought together representatives of the first five RIS3CAT Communities created this year. The Call for new projects of major impact will open next September and it is expected that together these 65M€ will be put into action.
“this call is the greatest effort ever made in innovation in Catalonia…through the RIS3CAT strategy, we are aligning Catalonia with Europe to promote a more competitive economy”
The RIS3CAT Communities are seeking to thrust the private sector in order to multiply the results in wealth generating and the creation of employment”Explained Minister Baiget
Until 2020, the Generalitat will allocate to the RIS3CAT Community program a budget of 72M€ from European funds FEDER. The communities are voluntary groups of companies and agents of the R+D and Innovation system that through a 3 year project, they will create new products and services in order to respond to the needs of society through innovation. In this way, it will promote the creation of high level technical and scientific employment and future technical and productive investment. It is expected that until 2020 a total of 200 million Euros will be mobilized and that 1.700 companies and agents and 6.200 professionals of the Catalan innovation system will participate.
“Catalonia has a great capacity to lead, from the South of Europe, the new industrial revolution”The General Director of Industry, Núria Betriu
Presentation of the first five RIS3CAT Communities

The first RIS3CAT Communities that have started in 2016 are formed by 108 participating organizations and more than 1.300 professionals. They are five regional projects that will mobilize a total of 43,8M€, and that, have also counted with 19,1M€ budget from ACCIÓ.
These major business projects are led by IRTA, Biocat, IREC and Ficosa. Each community has designed a work plan and these add, in total, 26 R&D projects and they foresee the creation of a total of 225 new products and services, some fifty new created or registered trademarks and the creation of dozens of new companies.
At today’s event, the characteristics of the different projects have been explained by Josep M. Monfort, General Manager at IRTA; Albert Barberà, General Manager at BIOCAT; Manel Balcells, Health Commissioner at LEITAT; Manel Sanmartí, Assistant to the Chief of Power and Electronic Networks at IREC and Enric Vilamajor, Research and Development Director at FICOSA.

> Attached are the Documents of the RIS3CAT communities and the projects presented
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