Recently awarded and recognized with One Star as an European Reference Site on Innovation Partnership an Active and Healthy Ageing

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Communiqué Resulted – 2016 of the “Call for Reference Sites” of the European Association on the Active and Healthy Aging

How it has resulted of the “Call for Reference Sites 2016” – (Centres of Reference) that goes llençar in December 2015 during the Conferencia of the European Association on the Active and Healthy Aging (Conference of Partners of the European Partnership where Actuate and Healthy Ageing), a total of 74 regions and local organisations have been awarded the status “REFERENCE SITE”.

These organisations have showed the existence of strategies integratives in the overtaking of the innovation for an active and healthy aging, based in the model “Quadruple Hèlix” that includes partners of the industry, civil society and governmental authorities to regional and local level.

Jointly these regions represent a commitment of more than four billion € (period 2016-2019) to invest in innovative solutions that will bring improvements in the living quality of the population in aging, backing the eficiències and sustainability of the benefit of social services and of health and finally stimulating the economic growth and the competitiveness. It expects that these investments will benefit five million people in the next three years.

The Status of Reference Site coincides to the organisations that have showed excellence in the development, adoption and extension of the innovative practices for the active and healthy aging, in the line of the strategic aims of the  European Innovation Partnership where Actuate and Healthy Ageing (EIP where AHA) and in particular with  European Scaling Up Strategy for Innovation in Actuate and Healthy Ageing.

The strategy of extension woman support to the priority of the European Commission to establish a Singular Digital Market for desencallar online opportunities for digital products and services.  Digital Single Market

For the first time, how result of the “Peer-Review” and the process of expert review of the Call 2016, and given “the interregional and national dimension” of the activity of the applicants, the panel of experts has decided to award with the status of “National Reference for the Excellence in the Foment of the Innovation for the Active and Healthy Aging” to – German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

Futures Calls will explore more in depth the potential to have initiatives promoted by national governments interested in taking part in the EIP where AHA, to have the opportunity to show the his innovative practices and contributions of extension of the innovation for a population in aging.

In the listing to continuation, will find the City of Terrassa, that has been represented by the Health Care Innovation Lab Orbital 40, who presented for this prize has received the Status of Centre of Reference in innovation for the active aging. (Health Care Innovation Lab Orbital 40 gestionat for LEITAT Technological Center.)