A Living Lab in one of Europe’s most dynamic and innovative region in the field of Health Care.

A regional alliance investing in the scaling up of innovation for active and healthy ageing 14 members at your service to boost your innovation including hospitals, tech centers, research institutes and universities

This Living Lab has been recognised as a Reference Site of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing by the the European Commission in 2016. Reference Sites are highly inspirational ecosystems, delivering creative and workable solutions that improve the lives and health of older people. These solutions can be scaled-up and replicated across the EU.

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An accelerator for innovative SMEs in the health sector

Our LL operates through projects that respond to the needs identified in the population and on the focus we have established on quality of life and healthy aging. The stakeholders propose projects and partners and co-financing and our LL provides the rest, such as:

Funding and other means necessary to develop the projects

Our LL gives support to each and every project in each of the phases in the value chain, and the managing agency of our LL (LEITAT) provides the dissemination, communication and internationalization of each project

The centralized authority of our LL coordinates and provides interaction between the different stakeholders and guarantees that the results return to the population

Our LL acts as a showcase of projects for potential investors creating a pipeline of projects and negotiating one on one with possible investors, their share in each project in the development of patents, possible use of licenses, as well as, possible birth of start-ups

As far as IPR, each project is different. The owners of these projects are the authors themselves under a contract, agreements the commercialization of the products and its economic return are determined

References and Track Record

We have recently grouped together a set of projects that were being carried out in each of the institutions to constitute the dynamics of a joint Living Lab.

About 50 projects are being developed under the auspices of the Health Care Innovation Lab. They are grouped in 3 big areas that act as an interdisciplinary dynamization project platform

LEITAT Technological Center offers methodological support and the adequate services for the development of these projects.

The Health Care Innovation Lab Orbital 40 takes as reference the North European model of applied healthcare innovation.

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