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At the Healthcare Living Lab Catalonia, we aim to promote the development, transfer and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge in the healthcare sector.

We play a key role in the development and acceleration of innovative projects, creating an open innovation culture with a user-centered approach.

Our activities are aligned with 4 focus areas:

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Latest Tweets by @HCLLCatalonia

🎥 Silence, camera ... action! This week we went to @CSTerrassa to film a video for @VR_Pharma, a project we support with clinical validation.

🏥 The startup is doing a clinical trial at the hospital to test how #VR is working with pediatric hospitalized patients. #HCLLCProjects

Ayer hablamos sobre la aplicación de realidad extendida en salud, sobre sus posibilidades, su potential para ayudar a pacientes, familiares y sanitarios; e increíbles casos de éxito. ¡Gracias por contar con nosotros! @ticsalut @hgermanstrias @salutcat @consellpacients @AISChannel

👥 Ens hem reunit amb la nostra Comissió d’Organització i Coordinació per al seguiment de l’execució i planificació estratègica del #HCLLC.

Gràcies als/a les professionals de @CSTerrassa @Mutua_Terrassa @parctauli @Leitat que en formeu part pel vostre temps i dedicació. Seguim!

Are you familiar with the concept of Responsible Research & Innovation? If your answer is yes, please join us for a special online workshop for the final selection of the Tips & Tricks Cards for the responsible R&I, on Monday 7/12 at 14:30 CET

🤚Junts sumem innovació per transformar i atendre millor les persones. Un plaer @HCLLCatalonia @manelbalcells @EliCasanelles @VanessaMassoM! https://twitter.com/HCLLCatalonia/status/1331130430116884483

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