Our mission is to bring together healthcare centers, technological centers and Living Labs, and connect them to innovative companies

The Healthcare Living Lab Catalonia (HCLLC) is a Living Lab specialized in the health and social fields. Its mission is to bring together healthcare centers, technological centers and Living Labs throughout Catalonia, and connect them to innovation entities and innovative people, facilitating the prototyping, testing and validation of their solutions based on its own methodology and in a fast and efficient way, maximizing the results obtained.

The HCLLC offers its services to advise and methodologically guide start-ups, SMEs and companies that want to prototype, test and/or validate innovative solutions in real-life environments and with end users in the fields of medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, and digital health.

It is an initiative of Leitat that has the mission of turning Catalonia into a Living Lab of reference and, for this reason, it has a vast network of collaborating entities; on the one hand, the main health centers and innovation referents throughout the country and, on the other hand, the main associations of health and social centers in the country.

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The call for workshops and papers for the #DLLD Digital Living Lab Days are still open

🎉 We invite you to respond to the calls and co-create the agenda of the event with us

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Hoy hemos comenzado el trabajo para establecer las bases de los dos desafíos (MOAI CHALLENGES) que vamos a lanzar para solucionar el problema de la soledad no deseada y el aislamiento #moailabs. Seguid nuestras redes para enteraros de cómo participar!! @Leitat @ticbiomed @fintras

Contents de presentar el nostre Living Lab i explicar un cas d'èxit com @newbsolutions al “Matchmaking Event” del programa ULabs d'@EITHealth

Al HCLLC participem en aquest tipus d’esdeveniments per descobrir start-ups i ajudar-les en el seu desenvolupament i projecció


🤝 Donem la benvinguda a la Fundació Salut Empordà com a entitat col.laboradora del #LivingLab

Amb els #ConvenisHCLLC creem solucions innovadores a reptes i necessitats en l'àmbit de la #salut i el #benestarsocial

🆕 ¿Quieres conocer los avances en #investigación e #innovación de @moai_labs en el ámbito del aislamiento social y la #soledad de las personas mayores?

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