About Us

An instrument designed to test innovative solutions in real-life environments with end-users

We bring solutions closer to hospitals and other entities from the healthcare sector, to position them as validating agents.

Nowadays there is a disconnection between SMEs from the healthcare sector and end-users. This disconnection causes the development of solutions that do not solve real needs of the end-users, and an increase in time and investment to develop solutions that will ultimately reach the market.

We created the Healthcare Living Lab Catalonia to bridge the gap between SMEs and entities from the healthcare sector and allow a fast and efficient collaboration to develop and validate innovative solutions.

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             Strategic alliances


The Healthcare Living Lab Catalonia was constituted in 2016 as an evolution of an innovation platform called Innointegra, coordinated by the Terrassa City Government (Ajuntament de Terrassa). LEITAT Technological Center boosted this initiative with the aim to become a key partner for the development and validation of new solutions in the Healthcare Sector.

Our Living Lab is constituted by a technological center and a wide network of hospitals and other health services providers. We are focused on innovation targeting the healthcare market.


We participate in international consortiums for the development and validation of innovative solutions in the healthcare sector. We also participate in smaller proposals for national and European calls as a core partner or as Third Party. Additionally, we also provide activities for private offers.

Our methodology is based on the Healthcare Innovation Cycle from CIMIT (Boston, USA). This methodology allows the transfer of knowledge and innovation avoiding preventable mistakes that can delay the development of solutions.


Our activities can be applied at many stages from the Healthcare Innovation Cycle, from early stages such as the Idea Definition, to later stages such as Validation of the Solution.


EIT Health: A European initiative for your health

EIT Health is one of the largest healthcare initiatives worldwide. Its goal is to sustainably advance the foundations of healthcare and thus promote the future conditions for healthier living and wellbeing of people across Europe.

EIT Health aims to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation in healthy living and active ageing, providing Europe’s top talents with new opportunities and resources for the benefit of all citizens.

At the Healthcare Living Lab Catalonia, we take part of the vast community of approximately 150 partners that empower the EIT Health network to take action and bring life-changing solutions into people’s hands.

ENoLL: A network that empowers everyone to innovate

The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) is the international federation of benchmarked Living Labs in Europe and worldwide. It counts with over 150 active Living Labs worldwide in the network. Besides providing co-creation and experimentation activities through its members, ENoLL also acts as a platform for best practice exchange, learning and support.

Currently, ENoLL runs five action-oriented task forces in these fields:

At the Healthcare Living Lab Catalonia, we are an accredited member of ENoLL, and we run our activities in the task forces of Health and Wellbeing, Social Innovation and Digital Rights, and Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence.

EIP on AHA: A platform for the active and healthy ageing through Europe

We are also Reference Site of the European Network on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA), an initiative launched by the European Commission to foster innovation and digital transformation in the field of active and healthy ageing.