The Healthcare Living Lab Catalonia works in projects with competitive funding, as well as in private offers.

Explore in which areas we can help your project

Co-creation activities

Activities aimed at developing a process, a product or a solution using a collaborative approach from multiple stakeholders involved. Stakeholders involved: citizens (patients, healthy population), professionals in the healthcare field, universities, companies, and others.

As a Living Lab, we can operate as intermediaries among stakeholders and facilitate collaborative innovation.

We organize and perform co-creation sessions through individual interviews and through focus groups.


Service aimed at developing models of a solution to test its ergonomics and function and be able to improve through iterations.

By developing prototypes, you will be able to demonstrate the key functions of your product or service, collect feedback from end users, and guide the subsequent design and development. Prototyping can be carried out from cardboard materials to close-to-reality functioning models.

We offer the possibility of developing Looks-Like, Works-Like and Works-Like-Looks-Like prototypes, each of them targeted at specific purposes, through our driving entity LEITAT.

Usability testing

Activities aimed at assessing the ergonomics, design, usability, and function of a solution in early phases of its development. This will allow the collection of feedback for potential improvement targeted to end-users.

As a Living Lab, we work with stakeholders that will ultimately be the end-users of your solution.

We design and execute usability testing studies with a set methodology: from the definition of indicators, to the execution of the study, data analysis and reporting.

Clinical validation

Studies aimed at demonstrating that the solution meets the predetermined specifications, and at validating its efficacy and efficiency.

These validation studies are performed with a medium-large sample sizes and allow you to generate results for the regulatory approval and the evidence that investors need to see.

As a Living Lab, we can recruit stakeholders to validate your solution in a real-life environment.

We perform personalized pilot studies together with our network clinical partners.

Training and communication

As a Living Lab, we prepare and execute strategies for the dissemination of activities and project results, with special emphasis on projects from European Consortia. Our target audience include health, science and technology professionals, citizens, and administration, among others.

Personalized support

In our Living Lab, we centralize all procedures, providing personalized support to each of our clients and partners, and assuring the quality of the service delivered.